Get global digital insights about

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For customer acquisition

Know what is happening at your leads and customers

For marketing

Be aware of current trends and keytopics that you can focus on

For market analysis

Have all market relevant news and posts right at your finger tips

Insights 4.0

Be up to date what is published on the internet

Salesbeat gives you instant access to all publications - ranging from social media to blogs and news articles. Use these insights to extract added value for your daily, mid- and longterm business decisions.

News world wide

Have all publicly available articles about your companies and keywords

Social Media

Utilize all public posts on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube

Keywords & Companies

Track companies and keywords that are relevant and interesting for your task

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A smart product for smart people

Your main advantages



You have access to all public available written media. Therefore you are no longer limited in your research and can foster your business.


Real-time notifications

Key events from your interests are delivered asap. Be the first so set the right actions and get ahead of your competition.


Always up to date

It doesn't matter if you are out of office or at your desk. With Salesbeat you will kepp up to date no matter where you are and how much time you have.


100 % automized

Once activated and set up our system is working smart and without any need for additional input. Sit back and take actions on the information that is flowing in.

No Google

Google what?

Forget about wasting time on search engines. We are taking that task off you and let you focus on important business decission based on sound information.



Have the power to compare your keywords and companies against each other to detect things like trends and shortcomings.


Get comparisons of your most important companies and keywords

Our state of the art analytics tool asists you comparing all kind of different keywords and companies.

It's so easy to create your personal samplesizes and set relevant KPIs to increase your output and give valuable input to other departments.

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You want to have all these news, KPIs and data integrated into your inhouse system?

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Salesbeat has you covered

Companies across different industries trust in Salesbeat

Whether you are a startup or Fortune 500 company,
Salesbeat empowers you with worldwide insights and analytics

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